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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rhea Lana

A totally new thing that i had never heard about before I moved to the Ark, is Rhea Lana... CONSIGNMENT EVENT for kid stuff.... This place was fabulous, it was like walking into a huge babies r us store but everything is 50-70% off... AWESOME!!! i could have bought out the whole place if dave ramsey hadn't been on my left shoulder... i only ended up getting one really way cool nifty thing for a friend for her bday.. which i know she will love  cause I wanted it myself.  so after going to this event i started thinking of all the stuff i have from my child hood and stuff that the bebe has already grown out of, and it was quite a bit.. soooo i signed up to sell at fayetville.. i am soooo excited.. because i got into this sale before the rest of the public but not WAYYYYYYY before.. soooo with this next even since i am entering items, i will get to go with the early birdies... and maybe find some prize items ... stillll hoping for an ergo!!... all in all i was productive today cause i got all the items entered, went to walmart to get tags and wouldnt you know they were out.. probably from the event this weekend.. then went to the bank and opened a bank account to complete baby step one of our budget... thennnn went for a walk... all in all grrrrreat day..

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