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Monday, November 8, 2010

Obamas dance to Marathi folk tunes

Thursday, October 28, 2010

crest or colgate

just like coke or pepsi, i bet there are those out there that prefer one toothpaste over the other.  i am a crest girl and i just finally figured this out the other night.  after using the neti pot, my sense of smell became super duper... and as everyone knows smell allows you to taste.  soooo when i was brushing my teeth with the colgate we now have i realized that it had the flavor of anise in it ( black licorice)... yuck!!!!!!!!!!!

sooo that was the determining factor.. i am a coke and crest girl!  pepsi and colgate can suck it!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

my mind has just been blown!

I have always loved reading about medical cures, illness and the like.  recently my father -in-law shared with me a book about acupressure.  I always have an open mind, with a healthy amount of skepticism, when it comes to alternative therapies.  This was not much different, I am reading the book, trying some of the pressure points it states for different mild health concerns, but i haven't noticed much relief.. tonight however my pop-in-law showed me something that was unbelievable, but i saw it with my own eyes!!!

your hands and feet are road maps showing where illness lies in your body.. so this evening he told me that his stomach was bothering him after exercises, and showed me his hands.  when he held his hands together palms up he pointed out the three bend lines on his pinky fingers.  according to this book when you hold your hands like this, all the creases should line up on both sides.  right now his right hand creases were below the left hand.  he made me look at this, then he said, "ok wait"...

he walked away, and started the acupressure to cure his stomach issues ( that correlated with the mis aligned creases)  and about 5 minutes later came back and said ,"ok look".... HIS LINES WERE EXACTLY MATCHING ON BOTH SIDES.... HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE???? THAT LINES IN YOUR HANDS WOULD MOVE SO QUICKLY???????

I am more interested than ever now to read all of this book.. this was to unbelievable.. I can't wait until he shows this to me again.... simply amazing!

time to look into acupressure

Sunday, October 24, 2010

aw Dexter

Started watching Dexter today after a long hiatus, and it was nice to get back in the swing of the show.  I never knew how much I missed showtime and HBO...... a throwback to some of my favs 1) Queer as Folk!!!!!!  2) Six Feet Under  3) SATC!!!!

anyways... I was really into the show when i noticed my little one had woken up from a nap and was watching along with us.. I immediatley whipped her up and found something else to do, totally missing the last half of the show.  In days past i would have been pissed that i missed my showwwwwww.... but now.. there are just more important things in life.  ( and for anyone who thinks i am a weirdo  ( not for watching dexter, but for thinking my 6 month old could possibly understand what is happening on a stupid tv show), i didn't want to risk it.. Dexter has some horrifying images that are not for the faint of heart or those with tender little innocent eyes..

not yet my dear.

bad idea

just got home from a trip to kc, and was starvinggggg.. so reached into the cabinet, for cereal, then in the fridge for milk.. and noticed we are out of rice milk.  dum dum dum!!! used 2 % and now i am going to pay for it with an upset tummy right before bed... dangit.. should have just drank a glass of water to fill the tum tum..

super powers

ok sooo my family is weird... my father and brother can stop the ticking hands of a watch just by simply wearing them on their wrists.  I can turn street lights off with my energy when i walk under or near them.. and just today i noticed that my daughter has super powers toooo.... during a wailing session, she changed the car radio from aux to fm to am... round and round as if we were in the bermuda triangle...

i have always thought these were kind of odd powers to have, and have been told by an aura photographer that i need to harness my energy.   wow if i only knew how! maybe then i could put the power to some good instead of pointlessly creating a dark pathway when walking in the twilight.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Listen to how ridiculous my neighborhood is.  i received mail for address 19 on my street, not my address.  so i set out walking to find this house, so i could just hand over the mail instead of it going back to the post office and taking a couple days to come back... sooo first house i come accross is 26... sweet i am heading in the right direction.  the next is 24... then 20... then 15 ... what the hey??? where are all the other numbers.. i was like ok.. let me turn around and check the other side of the street.  nope not there.. ok how about down the street,... nOOOPPPPEEE now we are into the 30's.. ahhhhhhh screw it.. I don't know who the drunk person was, that numbered my block, but dangggg they could have paid a little more attention to make it easier.. no wonder the mailperson mixed up the mail... THE ADDRESSES DONT GO IN ANY LOGICAL ORDER.. GRRRRRRR