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Monday, November 8, 2010

Obamas dance to Marathi folk tunes

Thursday, October 28, 2010

crest or colgate

just like coke or pepsi, i bet there are those out there that prefer one toothpaste over the other.  i am a crest girl and i just finally figured this out the other night.  after using the neti pot, my sense of smell became super duper... and as everyone knows smell allows you to taste.  soooo when i was brushing my teeth with the colgate we now have i realized that it had the flavor of anise in it ( black licorice)... yuck!!!!!!!!!!!

sooo that was the determining factor.. i am a coke and crest girl!  pepsi and colgate can suck it!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

my mind has just been blown!

I have always loved reading about medical cures, illness and the like.  recently my father -in-law shared with me a book about acupressure.  I always have an open mind, with a healthy amount of skepticism, when it comes to alternative therapies.  This was not much different, I am reading the book, trying some of the pressure points it states for different mild health concerns, but i haven't noticed much relief.. tonight however my pop-in-law showed me something that was unbelievable, but i saw it with my own eyes!!!

your hands and feet are road maps showing where illness lies in your body.. so this evening he told me that his stomach was bothering him after exercises, and showed me his hands.  when he held his hands together palms up he pointed out the three bend lines on his pinky fingers.  according to this book when you hold your hands like this, all the creases should line up on both sides.  right now his right hand creases were below the left hand.  he made me look at this, then he said, "ok wait"...

he walked away, and started the acupressure to cure his stomach issues ( that correlated with the mis aligned creases)  and about 5 minutes later came back and said ,"ok look".... HIS LINES WERE EXACTLY MATCHING ON BOTH SIDES.... HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE???? THAT LINES IN YOUR HANDS WOULD MOVE SO QUICKLY???????

I am more interested than ever now to read all of this book.. this was to unbelievable.. I can't wait until he shows this to me again.... simply amazing!

time to look into acupressure

Sunday, October 24, 2010

aw Dexter

Started watching Dexter today after a long hiatus, and it was nice to get back in the swing of the show.  I never knew how much I missed showtime and HBO...... a throwback to some of my favs 1) Queer as Folk!!!!!!  2) Six Feet Under  3) SATC!!!!

anyways... I was really into the show when i noticed my little one had woken up from a nap and was watching along with us.. I immediatley whipped her up and found something else to do, totally missing the last half of the show.  In days past i would have been pissed that i missed my showwwwwww.... but now.. there are just more important things in life.  ( and for anyone who thinks i am a weirdo  ( not for watching dexter, but for thinking my 6 month old could possibly understand what is happening on a stupid tv show), i didn't want to risk it.. Dexter has some horrifying images that are not for the faint of heart or those with tender little innocent eyes..

not yet my dear.

bad idea

just got home from a trip to kc, and was starvinggggg.. so reached into the cabinet, for cereal, then in the fridge for milk.. and noticed we are out of rice milk.  dum dum dum!!! used 2 % and now i am going to pay for it with an upset tummy right before bed... dangit.. should have just drank a glass of water to fill the tum tum..

super powers

ok sooo my family is weird... my father and brother can stop the ticking hands of a watch just by simply wearing them on their wrists.  I can turn street lights off with my energy when i walk under or near them.. and just today i noticed that my daughter has super powers toooo.... during a wailing session, she changed the car radio from aux to fm to am... round and round as if we were in the bermuda triangle...

i have always thought these were kind of odd powers to have, and have been told by an aura photographer that i need to harness my energy.   wow if i only knew how! maybe then i could put the power to some good instead of pointlessly creating a dark pathway when walking in the twilight.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Listen to how ridiculous my neighborhood is.  i received mail for address 19 on my street, not my address.  so i set out walking to find this house, so i could just hand over the mail instead of it going back to the post office and taking a couple days to come back... sooo first house i come accross is 26... sweet i am heading in the right direction.  the next is 24... then 20... then 15 ... what the hey??? where are all the other numbers.. i was like ok.. let me turn around and check the other side of the street.  nope not there.. ok how about down the street,... nOOOPPPPEEE now we are into the 30's.. ahhhhhhh screw it.. I don't know who the drunk person was, that numbered my block, but dangggg they could have paid a little more attention to make it easier.. no wonder the mailperson mixed up the mail... THE ADDRESSES DONT GO IN ANY LOGICAL ORDER.. GRRRRRRR

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

comments thoughts?

heard about this on NPR today, and i am ultimately interested.. Greg I know you will think that if i do this, little missy will turn out weird.. but I am really thinking more about freedom.. if we ever get remote capability for work, then we would be free to travel and see things in person, that others just see in text books.  I wanna know if anyone has heard of this?  if so what they think?? it seems to good to be true.. check it out and let me know..

Thursday, September 2, 2010


OMYGOSH  IT WORKSSSSS!!!!!! so for the past week I have been researching and researching about baby carriers.. I have checked every site known to man, all the while repeating the word ERGO in my head because that is the one I thought i wanted.

I was told by my cousin Dede, that they have the exact one I wanted on sometimes.. so i checked that site and the archive, and so far they have had the black embroidered baby pack up two times in one year, what is the likelyhood they would have it again.  soo i continued my search..

at rhea lana as i was perusing the racks, i thought if i think hard enough maybe one will appear, after my fiftieth check of the same rack.  obviously one did not appear.

all night last night, until 1 am i was comparing ergo with boba, and boba with butterfly.. i fell in with some other ones, the colors and styles.  i found one in particular, that was cheaper than all the rest and very retro looking the boba... here is the link

i was happy with my purchase.  went to sleep still wondering if i should have held out for the embroidered ergo??

sooo woke up this morning, to a call from virginia and and email shouting it outloud ERGO'S FOR SALE ON WWW.BABYSTEALS.COM... i was like WHATTTTTTTTTTTT... that is not suppossed to happen again they have already hosted them twice.. I logged on immediately and there it was right in front of me.. the black embroidered ergo.. THE UNIVERSE LISTENED... i guess since i put it out there so much that i would get an ergo and it would be discounted, it went out of its way to make it happen for me..

so i threw dave ramsey out the window for a split second, and bought the ergo, all while trying to cancel my order for the boba.. all in all it ws just an amazing turn of events... how weird and amazing all at once..

tell me about your moments like this... where you have wanted something so bad and miraculously it is made to happen for you!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rhea Lana

A totally new thing that i had never heard about before I moved to the Ark, is Rhea Lana... CONSIGNMENT EVENT for kid stuff.... This place was fabulous, it was like walking into a huge babies r us store but everything is 50-70% off... AWESOME!!! i could have bought out the whole place if dave ramsey hadn't been on my left shoulder... i only ended up getting one really way cool nifty thing for a friend for her bday.. which i know she will love  cause I wanted it myself.  so after going to this event i started thinking of all the stuff i have from my child hood and stuff that the bebe has already grown out of, and it was quite a bit.. soooo i signed up to sell at fayetville.. i am soooo excited.. because i got into this sale before the rest of the public but not WAYYYYYYY before.. soooo with this next even since i am entering items, i will get to go with the early birdies... and maybe find some prize items ... stillll hoping for an ergo!!... all in all i was productive today cause i got all the items entered, went to walmart to get tags and wouldnt you know they were out.. probably from the event this weekend.. then went to the bank and opened a bank account to complete baby step one of our budget... thennnn went for a walk... all in all grrrrreat day..

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

playgroup, rhea lana, and photobook project, o my!

had a fun fun fun time at playgroup today, it is awesome to see all the little ones starting to roll and talk!!.. not to mention the older ones interacting so cutely with each other!!... i look forward to tuesdays, i think it is my favorite day now.

tonight to rhea lana, i am so excited to see what this is all about!! i might just sign up to consign in fayetville if i end up liking this!.. hopefully i will find an ERGO!!! please please ooooo please... lets see.

currently am working on putting together my FREEEEEEE photobook from shutterfly, that Brooke reminded me about... whooops waited til the last minute, it has to be finished by today or i lose it... sooo the dad-in-law and i are working hard to get pictures in the right places to have a fantabulously fun book to show people.

other than this excitiness, petey is chewin his bone, the baby and in laws are napping, and i am about to figure out how to hook up a voip phone!

today is a very productive and fun day! i love these days

Monday, August 30, 2010

following the tao of dave ramsey!

ok sooooo we are officially grown ups!  with the house, the kid, and the dog!  however, we still have yet to get our picket fence.. that will go in the budget someday.... we set up our monthly expense plan for the upcoming pay periods.   YEAH BUDGETS ARE FUN!! and i am not being sarcastic .  they are great, especially when you see that you have extra left over for cool things you want, like vacations to Andaman, or Australia!!  i kind of felt like i was back in school doing homework for my math class.. but heck i always loved math ( even though i am not very good at it without a calculator)... soooo lets see how much we can set aside. i am ready to become a millionaire or at least start seeing the benji's rack up!!  ra ra ra  we got spirit yes we do, we got spirit how bout you??!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

sewing and relaxing and actin a fools!

okkkk soo i have been in desperate need of a new baby carrier ever since i fell in love the sling that karen gifted us.  i need one i can adjust.  sooooooooo the mom's and i tried to sew and finangle our own ring sling.  we trucked it to the tractor supply store for rings, and then hobby lobby for fabric.  The internet makes it looook sooooooo easy.. UM NOOOOO it is not.  we spent most of the afternoon using my bebe as a guinea pig taking her in and out of the silly thing to see if it fit properly to the point of her getting royally frustrated with us.  so scrapped the idea and started comparing carriers online.. and found that i have fallen in love with the ergo  ( THE MOST EXPENSIVE ONE ON THE MARKET)  grrrrrrreat!.. sooo abiding by dave ramsey i will be saving up!.. yeah.  so hopefully in a month it will be mine.. lets see!

Friday, August 27, 2010

overactive imagination

After becoming a mom it seems that my already overactive imagination has just become worse!... every sad story i hear, i begin to think... omygosh what if that happens to us, or my baby or my family.  it is ridiculous!.. i feel like crying all the time.. and after reading The Secret, i am scared into thinking happy..  because the theory is.... like attracts like.. sooo if i am thinking about something tragic and applying it to my life.. it will just happen to me or us too?????!!!!!!!  soo all the sad or disturbing news headlines out there i just try to avoid. i only listen to npr i avoid local news .  even though arkansas news is pleasantly calm as compared to kansas cities  shootings, 2 stabbings, 1 car-jacking and a partridge in a pear tree, on a nightly basis. by switching the channel,  i can remain blissfully ignorant, and live in a world coloured by my rose glasses.

here is what i read tonight that made me utterly sad.  i wish we could move our babies back to the front seat, or have some sort of alarm mechanism help remind the busy parents of today.  us included.

just another day

so excited, got my bebe's alice in wonderland apron dress in the mail today from "Boutique Mia" ( she is on etsy if you all are interested.  it is the cutest thing in the world!!!  she sent this to me as an apology for my original purchase not fitting quite right.. what a doll!.. now my bebe will look like a doll in this!!  today mimi and poppa are coming to see the little one!! so now she will have all grandparents under the same roof.. coool!.. right now just counting down the minutes.. house is pretty much clean.. just doing some budgeting and relaxing.. waiting for sleeping beauty's nap to be through so we can play!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

need to get my bum in gear

 currently i am living the life of a retiree.  here is my schedule

wake up
tea time ( coffee for me)
rest watch tv

it is a very relaxed life, but i think i need to be heading to the gym during nap time or at least hit the walking track.

looks like santosh was on the same page. he just called and said be dressed and ready to go to the gym tonight... yeah!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

now that i am a mom my nursing skills have gone kaput!

tonight my little one had a red streak on her nose radiating to her eye.  i noticed it earlier in the day but thought it might go away, then it seemed to grow. so i started worrying,, could this be a spider bite.. the kind that if not treated you could lose a limb,,, or in her case her nose.. ( yes i know overactive imagination... that is par for the course with me.. it has only gotten worse since i have become a mom ).. none the less i took her to the walkin clinic just to see what it was.. i am a nurse but it seems that my assessment skills go out the window when it comes to my bebe.. maybe because my emotions creep in.. grrrrrrrr  the walk in clinic nurse said to apply some cortisone to the area and it should go down by tomorrow.. i felt good.. so off to walgreens for cortisone cream.... none to be found in the baby section.. so perused the first aid section, and found it.. only to discover that it should be used with caution in children under 12.. grrrrrrreat.. back to square one.  soooo i didn't get it.. and i am just going to watch it.  maybe a+d will help.. using the power of positive thinking... tomorrow my babies face will be clear and beautiful like every other day of her awesome life!!!  sleepy time is sinking in she needs her baby doll.... time to go lay her down to dream land!
Helped mother-in-law cook masoor daal today.. it was yummy.. finally i know the secret to making it quick.  it used to take me forever!..

just took a shower for the second time today, cause my bebe blessed me with regurgitated milk.. loverly!.

think i wanna get the multi coloured ring sling, but according to dave ramsey i have to wait to build up the cash for it.. so i am excited for that day to come.. thank karen for giving us our initial sling it has beeeeen a life saver... how ridiculous is it that the exciting part of my day is the hope for someday soon having a sling for the bebe.. hahah..

watching ellen, and blogging.. i should be washing the cloth diapers... ok guess i will get to it!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

ok happy stuff

My favorite part of the day, is dusk, or tea time as of late.  this is when we all get to sit around and relax and discuss topics of the day.  my other favorite time is dawn, when i get to see the sunshine of a smile that my daughter shares with me upon awakening.

This is new

I am a first time blogger~ all be it i have scrap booked my whole life.  I have always enjoyed sharing my life with others.. some may think it bragging, others may be interested.  regardless, blogging allows one to just talk to their hearts content.  so how to start.. there have been so many exciting events before this blog was started, that it would be neat to catch you all up on how we got to where we are, and where we plan to go, but probably the best thing would just be to write what comes to mind.  

i have been shook down to my core, 
the freedom we perceive is no more.  
we are not living in progressive times, 
there are still people out there with small minds.
i will try to look at this with an open eye,
unlike the idiots that make me want to cry.
forget the assholes, forget the bigots, 
this is my land, i will not be made to fidget
i will live and let live, so please mr. bigot, git over yurself and and let us live too without fear of your insecurities beating us down.
ok now to the bath to get the colour back in my hair.  more later.