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Saturday, August 28, 2010

sewing and relaxing and actin a fools!

okkkk soo i have been in desperate need of a new baby carrier ever since i fell in love the sling that karen gifted us.  i need one i can adjust.  sooooooooo the mom's and i tried to sew and finangle our own ring sling.  we trucked it to the tractor supply store for rings, and then hobby lobby for fabric.  The internet makes it looook sooooooo easy.. UM NOOOOO it is not.  we spent most of the afternoon using my bebe as a guinea pig taking her in and out of the silly thing to see if it fit properly to the point of her getting royally frustrated with us.  so scrapped the idea and started comparing carriers online.. and found that i have fallen in love with the ergo  ( THE MOST EXPENSIVE ONE ON THE MARKET)  grrrrrrreat!.. sooo abiding by dave ramsey i will be saving up!.. yeah.  so hopefully in a month it will be mine.. lets see!

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