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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

now that i am a mom my nursing skills have gone kaput!

tonight my little one had a red streak on her nose radiating to her eye.  i noticed it earlier in the day but thought it might go away, then it seemed to grow. so i started worrying,, could this be a spider bite.. the kind that if not treated you could lose a limb,,, or in her case her nose.. ( yes i know overactive imagination... that is par for the course with me.. it has only gotten worse since i have become a mom ).. none the less i took her to the walkin clinic just to see what it was.. i am a nurse but it seems that my assessment skills go out the window when it comes to my bebe.. maybe because my emotions creep in.. grrrrrrrr  the walk in clinic nurse said to apply some cortisone to the area and it should go down by tomorrow.. i felt good.. so off to walgreens for cortisone cream.... none to be found in the baby section.. so perused the first aid section, and found it.. only to discover that it should be used with caution in children under 12.. grrrrrrreat.. back to square one.  soooo i didn't get it.. and i am just going to watch it.  maybe a+d will help.. using the power of positive thinking... tomorrow my babies face will be clear and beautiful like every other day of her awesome life!!!  sleepy time is sinking in she needs her baby doll.... time to go lay her down to dream land!

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