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Monday, October 25, 2010

my mind has just been blown!

I have always loved reading about medical cures, illness and the like.  recently my father -in-law shared with me a book about acupressure.  I always have an open mind, with a healthy amount of skepticism, when it comes to alternative therapies.  This was not much different, I am reading the book, trying some of the pressure points it states for different mild health concerns, but i haven't noticed much relief.. tonight however my pop-in-law showed me something that was unbelievable, but i saw it with my own eyes!!!

your hands and feet are road maps showing where illness lies in your body.. so this evening he told me that his stomach was bothering him after exercises, and showed me his hands.  when he held his hands together palms up he pointed out the three bend lines on his pinky fingers.  according to this book when you hold your hands like this, all the creases should line up on both sides.  right now his right hand creases were below the left hand.  he made me look at this, then he said, "ok wait"...

he walked away, and started the acupressure to cure his stomach issues ( that correlated with the mis aligned creases)  and about 5 minutes later came back and said ,"ok look".... HIS LINES WERE EXACTLY MATCHING ON BOTH SIDES.... HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE???? THAT LINES IN YOUR HANDS WOULD MOVE SO QUICKLY???????

I am more interested than ever now to read all of this book.. this was to unbelievable.. I can't wait until he shows this to me again.... simply amazing!

time to look into acupressure

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