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Friday, September 17, 2010


Listen to how ridiculous my neighborhood is.  i received mail for address 19 on my street, not my address.  so i set out walking to find this house, so i could just hand over the mail instead of it going back to the post office and taking a couple days to come back... sooo first house i come accross is 26... sweet i am heading in the right direction.  the next is 24... then 20... then 15 ... what the hey??? where are all the other numbers.. i was like ok.. let me turn around and check the other side of the street.  nope not there.. ok how about down the street,... nOOOPPPPEEE now we are into the 30's.. ahhhhhhh screw it.. I don't know who the drunk person was, that numbered my block, but dangggg they could have paid a little more attention to make it easier.. no wonder the mailperson mixed up the mail... THE ADDRESSES DONT GO IN ANY LOGICAL ORDER.. GRRRRRRR

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  1. I totally understand! We are at 67 and the house directly across from us is in the 80s. So odd!